Programs offered

General English

Any language user needs to be equipped with the four main aspects of language: reading, writing, listening and speaking. It is on these aspects that our trainers put their focus. In addition, trainees are helped to acquire more vocabulary and grammar, as well as to learn how to use English language in formal and informal contexts. Read More

Academic writing

Academic writing is referred to as a particular style of expression. This is a skill that people in different domain (students, teachers, people in administration, and many more) need to have. We strive to build the confidence of our trainees while writing essays, reports, minutes, presentations, research papers, business letter writing Read More


Translation of documents from one language into another is a service needed in our daily life. Yet, few people are capable of doing this job appropriately. On top of that, translation is one of the jobs that pay well. It is in this regard that our trainers who have long experience in this domain will help you master the techniques used in translation. Read More

Kinyarwanda Language

Kinyarwanda is a language that is used by people living in Rwanda and in some parts of its neighbouring countries (Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Tanzania and Burundi), but also by Rwandan communities living in different parts of the globe. Read More

Human Resource Management

One of the most important aspects that is not given due consideration by many managers, yet, which may make organizations collapse, is the management of human resources. The management of human resources is a key aspect to the success of organizations. Read More

Project elaboration and management

In our lifetime, we always have many things we want to achieve. Sometimes we achieve our goals but other times we can fail. In most of the case, the source of failure is due to poor planning or to mismanagement of our plans. In order to help you avoid any kind of failure, MITCC has planned for you the Project Elaboration and Management Course. Read More